My field of research includes Economics of Information Systems and Technology, Digital Markets and Online Privacy. More specifically, I am interested in understanding how online and data-intensive technologies affect consumer behavior and business.

New emerging technologies are allowing the creation, collection and consumption of large amounts of information in real time. This digital revolution is transforming social interactions, investment and business decisions, fostering growth and innovation and is facilitating the creation of new digital markets. As this technological and digital revolution continues, new and important managerial and behavioral questions arise that need to be addressed.

My research approach is interdisciplinary. My work relies on tools from both traditional economic theory and behavioral and experimental decision research. From a methodological perspective, I rely on econometrics and quantitative methods as well as analytical modeling.

Below is a list of my papers and publications.

Research Papers:

[1]. V. Marotta, K. Zhang, A. Acquisti. ”The Welfare Impact of Targeted Advertising Technologies”. In submission at: Information Systems Research.

[2]. V. Marotta and A. Acquisti. ”Online Interruptions and Individuals’ Performance: A Randomized Field Experiment”. In preparation for submission to: Management Science.

[3]. V. Marotta, S. Romanosky,  R. Sharp, A. Acquisti. ”Is an ounce of prevention really worth a pound of cure? Balancing ex ante security prevention with ex post mitigation”. In submission at: MIS Quarterly.

[4]. V. Marotta, V. Abhishek , A. Acquisti. ”Targeting Technologies and Publishers’ Revenues: An Empirical Analysis”. Working Paper.